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News from the Center: Digest

News from the Center: Digest (8)



Dr. Gene Edward Veith reminds us that, "Without a religion offering atonement and redemption, people must deal with their guilt in other ways, such as politics."

Guilt is a universal feeling, since none of us fallen creatures can live up to our own principles.  But without a religion offering atonement and redemption, people must deal with their guilt in other ways, such as politics.

Imagine a nursery in a large hospital. A dozen women have children, and these children are placed in a room together. The next day, you are scheduled to go home along with your child. Would it matter which child you brought home with you? If love makes a family, then biology should not matter.

What will the end be like? Will we go out with a bang or a whimper? Our Lord says things will be quite ordinary. Now, I know the end times are dramatic, which they already are. Forget wars and rumors of wars. We have genocides, a billion babies aborted, without an eye that blinks. We have children drugged and castrated to celebrate the rainbow, but not that of Noah.

Wondering what will likely be the major policy and personnel decisions, votes, and issues on Capitol Hill and in the Supreme Court in 2020 that will undoubtedly directly impact men and women of faith? 

At this time of year, it’s good to be reminded of what God blessed us to do in 2019 for our culture and for our Church through the work of the LCRL.

Year in Review—Together with you:

In Luke 2 it says,

In our Liberty Lectures around the country (For more information or to schedule a Champions for Liberty Weekend at your church or school, call us at 202-868-7291), we’ve talked about the one great threat to our religious liberty in modern America. It has to do with the Supreme Court “getting out of its judicial lane” by legislating rather than merely ruling as to whether a law is or is not constitutional. Alexander said in Federalist 78:

The message of how Almighty God creates, redeems, and calls every human life as His own precious treasure forever has changed untold hearts and saved countless lives. Lutherans For Life has completed a fourth decade of equipping Gospel-motivated voices for life, and the conversation continues to grow, declaring and demonstrating the sanctity of life in more congregations and communities than ever before, including high schools and college campuses. Print resources, digital materials, expert consultations, and ongoing conversations have reached some 200,000 individuals nationwide in 2019. Praise the Lord!