LIBERTY ALERTS - videos and links  
Dr. Gregory Seltz    
APRIL 2020    
04/08/2020 – Liberty Alert: Faith, not Fear, through the Covid-19 Crisis     
04/15/2020 - Liberty Alert: When does the Suspension of our Liberties Become the Real Crisis?     
04/22/2020 – Liberty Alert: Getting Back to Normalcy - “2kg Citizenship, Sanctified Common Sense, and the Covid 19 Crisis”    
04/29/2020 – Liberty Alert: Through the Crisis – Actions of Faith, not Fear!     
MAY 2020  
05/06/2020 – Liberty Alert: Good New Amidst the Covid-19 Crisis    
05/13/2020 - Liberty Alert: The Supreme Court, COVID 19 and Religious Liberty Challenges!    
05/20/2020 - Liberty Alert: Who Decides who is “Free to Serve?”   Documents for 5/20/20  
05/27/2020 – Liberty Alert: Free to Serve, Its Time Has Come!   Documents for 5/27/20  
JUNE 2020    
06/03/2020 - Liberty Alert: Police Brutality, Religious Liberty – Limiting Powers And Virtuous Citizenship.    
06/10/2020 - Liberty Alert: Christians Among The Rage    
06/17/2020 – Liberty Alert: Strategies For Dialogue For People Of Good Will    
06/24/2020 - Liberty Alert: Maintaining a 2KG voice in the Public Square    
JULY 2020    
07/01/2020 - Liberty Alert: Religious Liberty, Right Of Conscience – The Vital Issue For Our Churches, Schools, And Universities    
07/08/2020 - Liberty Alert: Religious Liberty - What’s Coming Next!   A Conflict of Interests 
07/15/2020 - Liberty Alert: Religious Liberty: Faith, Fight Or Serve, Fight And Serve?   LCRL Theme Verse  
07/22/2020 - Liberty Alert: Defund, Defend – What’s The Government’s Main Job In Our Lives Anyway?   Mom & Pop Papers
07/29/2020 – Liberty Alert: The Sanctity of Life” – Defending the Church’s clearest cultural voice for all!   Documents for 7/29/20
AUGUST 2020    
08/05/2020 - Liberty Alert: “Secular Pietism” – The Challenge To Temporal And Eternal Liberty!    
08/12/2020 - Liberty Alert: “Secular Pietism/Identity Politics” – The Gathering Storm?    
08/19/2020 – Liberty Alert: Religious Liberty and Urban Ministry – Yes we can!   Documents for 8/19/20
08/26/2020 – Liberty Alert: Socialism, Marxism, Capitalism and…Christianity?    
SEPTEMBER 2020    
09/02/2020 -  Liberty Alert: Should Christianity be Illegal? Or at least Legally Private?    
09/09/2020 - Liberty Alert: How to talk politics with friends, family, and others…impossible?    
09/16/2020  - What are some concerns for Christians this November?    
09/23/2020 - Liberty Alert: “A Worldview Election, Why the Judeo/Christian voice matters even for those who don’t believe    
09/30/2020: Liberty Alert: “Christians CAN’T serve in Government, What?”    
    Mom & Pop Papers On Vocation 
 OCTOBER 2020    
10/07/2020: Liberty Alert. Don't Let Fear Win  
10/14/2020: What's Faith got to Do witih it.    
10/21/2020: Principles, Platforms,and Policies, with a healthy skepticism!    Nietzsche Was Right
10/28/2020: COVID 19 Fatigue, its Risks,and the strength to Move forward    Pregnancy Centers Stand the Test of Time
 NOVEMBER 2020    
11/4/20 -Liberty Alert - Election Issues for the church    
11/11/20 - Liberty Alert - Election Reflections and "Fulton vs. Philadelphia:      
11/18/20 - Liberty Alert -  Where are we as a Church - as a Nation