LCRL Bulletin Blurbs – June, 2020 

The dates identifying the LCRL Bulleting Blurbs are only suggestions. Please feel free to use any and all of the Bulletin Blurbs as your ministry needs allow.


June 7, 2020

The last several months have reinforced biblical truths that matter now more than ever. Marriage and family are God’s blessings and provide society vital resources for facing the challenges of COVID-19. These vital gifts are essential to our cultural capacity to face the COVID-19 crisis, as they have been with so many crises before. For more information see

June 14, 2020

So, you are a Christian? Congratulations! You belong to the faith that understands that there are people and things worth suffering for. Christian sufferings are inherently Christological, and in that they reflect the nature of God as He truly is.  For more information see

June 21, 2020

During the recent pandemic, church members stepped up to care for their members in big ways. But “as churches are trying to adapt and serve, some government officials are targeting churches and treating them worse than local businesses. For more information see

June 28, 2020

If the COVID-19 virus has taught us anything, it has taught us how fragile life is even now. It has also taught us that there are things bigger than our best efforts, things beyond our capabilities to master. All of our technology and power, as well as our very own lives, can suddenly be overwhelmed by something as small as this virus. For more information see