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In the current casting down of monuments and former heroes, one historic figure who deserves to be cast down has been largely overlooked:  Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, whose crusade for birth control was motivated by her racist beliefs.


But that may be changing, as this icon of feminism and the pro-abortion movement may be inspiring some iconoclasm.

So says Alexandra DeSanctis in an essay in National Review entitled How Long Will Margaret Sanger Last?:

I wonder. . .whether these crusaders will train their gaze on one of our nation’s far more serious offenders of racial equality: Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. She was, after all, a foremost proponent of the eugenics movement — motivated by her particular animus toward poor non-whites — and her campaign to legalize birth control was motivated in large part by her desire to prevent the “unfit” and “feeble-minded” from reproducing.

After several decades of brushing aside pro-life critiques of its tainted history, Planned Parenthood is now fielding similar complaints from some of its own employees. Just last month, more than 350 current and former staffers of Planned Parenthood’s Greater New York affiliate — along with several hundred donors and volunteers — published an open letter condemning Sanger as “a racist, white woman” and arguing that the organization is guilty of “institutional racism.”

Read more from Dr. Gene Edward Veith by clicking here.

Dr. Gene Veith is the author of some 25 books, a retired literature professor, provost emeritus at Patrick Henry College, and director of the Cranach Institute at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind.



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