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Critical theorists see power and oppression everywhere.  Why don’t they see it in abortion?

My friend and former colleague Mark Mitchell has written a devastating piece for First Things entitled Perverse Freedom. Read it all, but here is an excerpt (my bolds):

The primary value behind the label “pro-choice” is the ability to will. My desires must be gratified, even at the expense of another. Friedrich Nietzsche, that prophet par excellence of our age, insisted that all of life is reducible to the will to power. This assertion that individual will is primary means considerations of justice or goodness or rightness must either fall away or be subsumed under “choice.” The absolute rightness of choice is thus elevated as the single and unimpeachable principle; if the essence of a human being is nothing other than the capacity to choose, this elevation is entirely reasonable. What is forgotten in the euphoria of choice is a helpless human being. Abortion advocates must either deny the humanity of the unborn (a position that is increasingly difficult to maintain) or bite the Nietzschean bullet and acknowledge that abortion is at its core the exercise of power—the strong eliminating those who impede their freedom.

Read more from Dr. Veith by clicking here.

Be Informed

Is there a connection between fatherlessness and the street violence that occurred in 2020? Mary Eberstadt, author of Primal Screams: How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity Politics, explains in a recent interview with Issues, Etc.

Be Equipped

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled recently that Texas can remove Planned Parenthood facilities from its Medicaid program.  Learn more from

Be Encouraged

“Will you be without loved ones this holiday season? Will you be struggling with illness or discouragement? Will you feel the pressure to make the holiday season great? You are not alone. You are not on your own. Read John 10, a great chapter about a Good Shepherd. Listen to His voice comfort and strengthen you.” –Rev. John Boeder, Martin Luther College

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