Some say America is very religious.  Others say America is very secular.  Which is it?

Well, the USA is a very populous country, the third largest in the world (after China and India).  That means that simple binary conclusions about the American conclusion are likely to be misleading.

When it comes to religion, the best way to describe the nation overall is that we are remarkably balanced.  About one-third of Americans are religious; one-third are secularist; and one-third are somewhere in between.

Not only that, the trends are intensifying.  Americans are becoming more religious than they used to be.  And other Americans are becoming more secular than they used to be.  From that, I suppose we might conclude that the other Americans are becoming more lukewarm than they used to be.

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Be Informed

See where your congressmen and senators rate with regard to the pro-life movement by checking out the Susan B. Anthony List Scorecard here.

Be Equipped

The Atlantic recently published an article positing that the nuclear family is a mistake. Help make the case for why the family matters by learning more about the topic.

Be Encouraged

“Every family is different. We all have baggage and dysfunction. The lines fall in different places. But it is possible to speak civility and to actually talk about things that matter because they matter. I am not here to cast stones. I know there is risk in speaking the truth to anyone who is caught up in his sin. But sometimes Dad needs to be told to turn off the football game and pay attention to his children, or Mom needs to be told that no one needs a third glass of wine, or your friend needs to be told that he is not being fair to his parents. If you love people, the risk is worth it. If we were talking about how to please customers because we want their money, how to win friends and influence people this would be a different conversation, but we are talking about how to live together in love according to God’s Word. We are talking about actually looking out for one another and we aren’t trying to manipulate each other. Who hasn’t been afraid of the outburst a drunk friend will make if you suggest that he not drive or that he will look judgmental? But at the same time, who wants to go to that friend’s funeral and face his widow having made no attempt at all to stop him? None of us. We don’t do this because we think we are better than others. We do it because we love others.” – Rev. David Petersen, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, Ind.

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