An agency of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod was cancelled by Facebook, collateral damage in big tech’s “deplatforming” movement that is shutting down free speech on the internet.

The Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty put out a response to the Capital riot entitled “A Prayerful Thought:  Vigilante Violence Always Betrays the Cause. . . .Prayer and Faithfulness Fortify the cause.”  It was a condemnation of the devolution of the January 6 protests into lawlessness, drawing on Luther’s critique of the Peasant Revolt.

The head of the institute, former Lutheran hour speaker Gregory Seltz, posted it on the Center’s Facebook page.  He wanted to “boost” it, so as to give the statement a wider audience. (Facebook allows open business sites to “boost” posts for a fee, whereupon they are circulated far and wide.)  But Facebook wouldn’t allow that.  “At a time when we at the LCRL seek to be truth tellers for the sake of our culture (even reconcilers at this moment), we received this notice. REJECTED.”

Evidently, Facebook’s algorithms and nanny-bots can’t distinguish condemning violence from advocating violence.

(You can find the statement, which is quite good, by scrolling down here.  Again, Facebook allowed the statement to be posted, just not boosted.)

Click here to read more from Dr. Gene Edward Veith.

Be Informed

Want to learn more about what happened with the LCRL’s Facebook post? Here directly from the Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz about the matter by clicking here.

Be Equipped

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Be Encouraged

“God’s Word does not promise to satisfy your craving for an answer to every problem. The Word of God is not a manual for solving the political, social or medical chaos swirling around us. That does not mean, however, that we ought to forgo hearing and receiving God’s Word.” – Rev. Roy Askins

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