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Rev. Allen Henderson Rev. Allen Henderson
It’s remarkable how we are never told of the moment of resurrection. We know that He rose, and we are given accounts of His resurrection appearances, but not of the moment itself.


What are we given pictures of? Christ’s trial, suffering and death. That’s where we must fix our eyes. For there we see our sin and our Savior. There we see the body given for us, the blood shed. There we see our Savior taking our shame and our sin upon Himself. There we see the true Passover Lamb, the Scapegoat, the sacrifice, the payment.

American Christianity is so tempted to turn away. And it’s unhealthy. We must look at what we’ve done. We can see this tendency in the pro-life movement, where people would rather not look at the bodies of the 2,246 children stored away in Klopfer’s garage. We’d rather our churches be cheery, without reminders of the martyrs who came before us, and most of all, without the vision of Christ crucified.

But that’s where it’s at. There’s no meeting our Lord in the resurrection without embracing the crucified One, without dying with Him (Romans 6), without gazing upon Him, even as the Israelites had to gaze upon the serpent lifted up on the pole if they hoped to be healed. So, lift up your eyes to glory, the glory of love, the glory of Christ on the cross, paying the price of our salvation. And then decorate your churches and homes accordingly, that the vision not be forgotten or left in the rear view mirror. For it reminds us not only of our sin but of love’s eternal story.

Be Informed

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Be Equipped

“The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed a new regulation on Friday, Nov. 1 that will help ensure faith-based organizations can continue serving vulnerable children and families through foster-care and adoption services.” Read more about that regulation by clicking here.

Be Encouraged

“So the question and challenge we face is simply this, can we muster the courage to be faithful, to boldly bear witness to truths that are unpopular among those controlling the levers of cultural, political, and economic power? Are we willing, if necessary, to pay the costs—the heavy costs—of discipleship? Of course, without God’s help, nothing of this kind would be possible? Yet we have it on the authority of Christ Himself that God’s grace is superabundant. No one who asks for the courage to bear faithful witness will be denied it. No one who is prepared to take up his cross and follow Jesus will find the burden too great to bear. So, shall we flee from the battle? No. Quite the opposite. Onward, Christian soldiers.” – Dr. Robert George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University

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