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Dr. Gene Edward Veith reminds us that, "Without a religion offering atonement and redemption, people must deal with their guilt in other ways, such as politics."

Guilt is a universal feeling, since none of us fallen creatures can live up to our own principles.  But without a religion offering atonement and redemption, people must deal with their guilt in other ways, such as politics.

So says Alexander Riley in his Federalist article, How Secularism Fuels Campus Outrage, The Federalist.  After recounting two incidents of college students who shut down a mildly conservative speaker, he reflects on the self-righteousness, the indignation, and sense of victimhood displayed by these privileged–yet “woke”–young adults.  He then makes the connection to guilt:

Guilt is a common human emotion. We are wired to be acutely sensitive to our perceived moral responsibilities for others, even when the case for such responsibility is weak or non-existent. Doubtless some of this has to do with our fear of being judged as morally insensitive and uncaring and our trepidation about the social risks for us that such a classification carries.

Click here to read more from Dr. Veith.

Be Informed

Bring your school, group, or come by yourself to Washington, D.C., for the March for Life on Friday, Jan. 24. Help us make 2020 the year with the largest contingent of Lutherans marching together in this life-affirming event. Click here to learn more.



Be Equipped

The Rev. Dr. Richard Eyer explains that, “The Gospel message in marriage is that God has revealed something of His own plan of salvation in marriage.” Read more from Dr. Eyer by clicking here and then on “The Mystery of Marriage.”



Be Encouraged

“No matter how abused or difficult our life, Jesus loves us.” – Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, president, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

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