When I received my positive COVID test I was prepared to deal with the body aches, fever, lung congestion, and even the fatigue. I was not prepared for the one symptom no one talks about: fear.

I am old, overweight, have COPD, heart stints, and artificial joints. Ever since March 2020, I have been consistently told by my medical professionals, “If you get COVID, you will die.” My doctors instilled in me a fear that the only place I would go is to the funeral home if I visited my grandchildren, went to the store, worshipped in my church, or flew in an airplane. The media and the government added to the fear as I heard daily case numbers, hospital shortages, death rates, shelter in place orders, and mask mandates. I was led to believe that if I ventured outside without a mask I would either die or cause others to. I lived in fear.  


Dear COVID Couples,

I won’t lie. My wedding was perfect. We picked a date (even before we were engaged), we found an amazing venue, and our friends and family eagerly awaited the day they could join us to celebrate God’s institution of marriage. After the longest seven months of our lives, we enjoyed the robust singing of hundreds of family and friends in a beautiful sanctuary supported by the swell of Concordia Ann Arbor’s robust pipe organ as we vowed, “Yes, with the help of God.” Many stressors and plot twists arose as we planned our day, but with the wonderful support of our family and friends, we enjoyed the perfect day, exactly as planned.

Tragically, for so many of you, this will never be a reality. The shock at the prospect of not only having to alter your wedding plans, but perhaps even postpone or cancel them, is something I’ll never experience. But I won’t apologize for that fact. Why? Because you, the Christian couples of the COVID age, have an opportunity to seize. Instead of prolonging your engagement, consider marrying closer to (or even on) your original date. Ask your pastor to marry you on your original date, even if it’s only in front of a few family members. Prioritize the union before God rather than a party before friends. Such a task may be difficult; heartbreaking, even. Fathers want to walk their daughters down the aisle while a full sanctuary looks on, teary-eyed and joyful. Mothers want that dance with their sons at the reception. But consider this prospect: Instead of being the generation that mourned the loss of their weddings, be the generation that celebrated the start of their marriages.

Some of you might not be concerned. You might be sleeping over or already having sex. You might already be living together. Our bodies are gifts to be loved, shared and cared for, but consider how giving other your bodies before giving your vows de-incentivizes the need to solidify this holy union that God designed, even before sin. The fact of the matter is this: The less you prioritize a godly union, the less likely you’ll want to be married before God or, for that matter, at all. At this point, what would your wedding be celebrating? The union God has created for your good? Or just you two?

COVID has disrupted our economy and our livelihoods. Don’t let marriages be next on that chopping block. Face this pandemic together as husband and wife under Christ. COVID has re-awakened us to the reality of the changes and chances of this life; it’s not good for man to face it alone. Celebrate the blessing of your union when we can receive God’s gifts together once more. In the meantime, don’t put it off. Get married. God willing, start a family. Be the generation that shows that not even COVID can damage the Christian couple. Don’t postpone the wedding. Prioritize your marriage.

Emily Cockran is a wife, mother and instructor at Wittenberg Academy.


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