National School Choice Week is a charitable and non-partisan effort to raise awareness of effective K-12 education options. This year, it [ran] from January 23-29. According to its website, “Every child is unique, and all children learn differently. Some children might succeed at the neighborhood public school, while others might fit in better at a charter, magnet, online, private or home learning environment.” . . .



God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone” (Gen. 2:18). He gave Adam and Eve to each other. He made family the foundational building block of human society. Marriage and family are good. God created us to thrive in and through the family. Furthermore, our Lord uses the imagery of human marriage and human fatherhood to teach us to understand His relationship with us.



Social media: "Let us shed our tears for those who were never able to shed their own tears of repentance.  Let us ask God to remember in His mercy those who will never be able to ask mercy for themselves." - Rev. Dr. David P. Scaer


Wondering what will likely be the major policy and personnel decisions, votes, and issues on Capitol Hill and in the Supreme Court in 2020 that will undoubtedly directly impact men and women of faith? 


At this time of year, it’s good to be reminded of what God blessed us to do in 2019 for our culture and for our Church through the work of the LCRL.

Year in Review—Together with you: