LCRL Bulletin Blurbs – October, 2020 

The dates identifying the LCRL Bulleting Blurbs are only suggestions. Please feel free to use any and all of the Bulletin Blurbs as your ministry needs allow.



October 4

Another election draws near.  What a blessing it is that our nation’s exchange of power happens with ballots instead of bullets.  We are in for stormy weather, especially for Christians and whether or not Christians can live as Christian in our increasingly oppressive and secular age.  See to learn more.

October 11

We all know about the Right-Hand Kingdom Mission – to spread the Word. But did you know there is a Left-Hand Kingdom Mission we can and should engage in? See the document Two-Kingdom Public Engagement fore the Sake of the Mission at

October 18

Are you a Champion for Religious Liberty? Dr. Seltz offers three levels of training for you to be come a Champion for Religious Liberty. See for more information.

October 25

Should Christians get involved in politics? Yes, as part of our vocation in God's secular kingdom. The goal should be to apply God's law in our social relationships and to establish justice and righteousness in our land. See for more information.