LCRL Bulletin Blurbs – February, 2021

The dates identifying the LCRL Bulleting Blurbs are only suggestions. Please feel free to use any and all of the Bulletin Blurbs as your ministry needs allow.


February 7

Nothing works unless it honors God is the title of a prayer for our nation that can be found at: Please join the LCRKL in praying for our country.

February 14

If one could simplify the message of the Bible, it could be summarized this way: God created and redeemed you because He wants you to have life, and have it abundantly and eternally in Him. Let us cherish life for all its worth so that others might see their life as precious. For more information, please see

February 21

There is a “battle” going on in our culture. We may not have started it, but it is clearly directed at us. It is being waged against the biblical proclamation of the truth. The battle is being brought to anyone who does not adhere to secular, naturalistic, mechanistic, non-theistic values. For more information, please see

February 28

Dr. Gregory Seltz presents Liberty Lectures. These lectures will set forth the foundational, constitutional protections provided for Christians in the Bill of Rights and how the Christian lives in the Public Square. The Liberty Lectures are available for individuals, groups, congregations, or larger gatherings. For more information, please see