LCRL Bulletin Blurbs – September 2021

The dates identifying the LCRL Bulleting Blurbs are only suggestions. Please feel free to use any and all of the Bulletin Blurbs as your ministry needs allow.

September 5

Back to School, but at what cost? Listen to Dr. Seltz as he discusses the Liberty Alert topic, “Depoliticization, Empowering Parental Rights, Educating Our Children.” See

September 12

Two Kinds of Authority - A Bible Study from the LCRL is designed to provide a firm biblical and confessional setting for Lutherans to learn and study how God uses His two-fold authority both in the church and the world for our good. See the “Word from the Center” at

September 19

The “separation of the public authority of the Church and the State,” is not a modern invention, but a reflection of a unique Christian voice in the public square even today. See Mom and Pop papers at for more.

September 26

Interested in having Dr. Seltz speak to you, for a whole day or more? Check out the Champions for Religious Liberty tab at for more information on how that can be arranged.