2KG Principles for Public Engagement, Public Policy Dialogue

1. When assessing our moral and missional responsibilities in the public square, Christians are aware of God’s two distinct ways of engaging the world, both to preserve created order and to save (God’s 2 Kingdom Activity; see Matthew 22:17-22).

2. Both the government and the Church are legitimate God-given authorities in our lives and in our world (see Romans 13:1-7; Matthew 28:16-20).

3. The differentiation between the purpose and work the Church and the State is an extension of the Christian worldview.

4. The “differentiation” God places between Church and State involves their sphere of influence and the methodology of service. Yet both aim toward a healthy public expression of their separate roles for the sake of the society.

5. A healthy society should honor the uniqueness of the family and the distinct purpose of the Church in its polity, while also recognizing the limited sphere of the government in order for religious liberty and life to survive and thrive.

6. Christian engagement in the political realm asserts that religious liberty and the sanctity of life are universal human values which are fundamental to any healthy society.

7. Christian engagement in the political realm advocates for three enduring structures as beneficial to society: the Church, the family, and the government.

8. Christian engagement in the political realm asserts that Government has a vital but secondary or penultimate purpose which both supports the family and allows the Church to accomplish its work.