Word from the Center Digest: Friday, November 1, 2019

How the Government Can Constitutionally Support Religion

by Gene Edward Veith

We have been blogging about debates among conservative Christians and political conservatives over the best way forward in these perilous times.  What raised these issues for many people was the debate that broke out between the two conservative pundits  Sohrab Ahmari and David French.

Others joined in, advancing the discussion.  The Acton Institute offers a useful reading list of the major contributions on both sides, with summaries of each article.

Federalist contributor, think-tanker, and LCMS missionary Lyman Stone reflects on the debate, concluding that neither French nor Ahmari are offering any practical solutions for the plight of Christians in our increasingly secularist society.  French champions religious liberty, but this does nothing for parents whose children are being indoctrinated by an anti-religious school system and entertainment industry.  Ahmari would like Christians to exercise power in the society so as to shut down such things as drag queen story hours at public libraries.  But how can Christians rule or influence a society that declines to be ruled or influenced?

Stone tries a different tack.  What could the government do to help support religious institutions within the bounds set by the Constitution?  After all, as much research has shown, religion plays a positive role in a healthy society, promoting strong families, moral behavior, greater happiness, a stronger sense of community, and other qualities that contribute to mental health and social well-being.  So while the government may not establish a religion, there are, he argues, policies that could be implemented that would help keep religion and traditional moral values in the culture.

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Be Informed

Josh Hammer explains that “The push for de-stigmatized polyamory — and, to be sure, the push quite soon for legalized polygamous “marriage” — is already unfolding right before our eyes.” Read more here.

Be Equipped

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Be Encouraged

“Jesus said some very clear things about how things are. One thing that He said very clearly, ‘My Kingdom is not of this world.’ Yet here He is in the world to save the world.” – Rev. Dr. Greg Seltz, executive director, Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty