Word From the Center: Friday, April 27, 2018

Welcome to “Word from The Center” FRIDAY, a Two-Kingdom, practical reflection on the issues of the day from the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty. I’m Gregory Seltz. Today’s issue…


One would think that today, with science so clearly demonstrating even in the womb that human beings are “fearfully and wonderfully” made, that seeing the value of human life would be a “no brainer.” After all, how you think about another human being clearly affects how you will treat that person. And, so many issues today could be solved if people would just value other human beings as people “made in the image of God,” with value and purpose therein. But that’s not where many are today in their thinking. The idea that we are merely animals having our own compulsions and drives is so prevalent today that many don’t see the sanctity of life in others. No, they see merely the convenience or the inconvenience of the lives of others in their life.

But this shift in the view of life matters. Francis Schaeffer, in his film series “Whatever Happened to the Human Race,” warned the Western world of the consequences of dispensing with the sanctity and intrinsic value of human life for the more malleable notion of the “quality of human life.” To treat certain life as “Lives not worth living,” due to illness, poverty, or congenital complications would open us to a callousness and disdain for others that would be unimaginable. Unfortunately, what Schaeffer prophesied has come true. People argue today for the unfettered abortion of the child in the womb right up to the moment of birth. Can Euthanasia be far behind? And, already in certain parts of our culture, insurance companies are demanding that Doctors counsel terminally ill patients about the “right to die” as a viable medical option at their disposal. Our callousness towards inconvenient life in the womb, or the lives of loved ones towards the end of their lives and all other points in between is clearly an outgrowth of our view of life as a “quality of life” issue, and not a “sanctity of Life” issue.

And our callousness seems to know no bounds. Just take a look at the article, “Thiessen-the Extra Chromosome isn’t a Reason for Abortion,” where some are clearly advocating for the ending of Down Syndrome, not through scientific discovery or some medical breakthrough, but through the extermination of children with Down Syndrome. Some have called it “the final solution.” Chilling! The fight for the “sanctity of Life” is a battle worth engaging not just for us, but for our culture as well. Technology and wealth don’t make us “better” human beings, they merely embolden us to be the “fallen, sinful human beings we are” more quickly and decisively. To fight for life is to fight for the one common cause that can open us up again to one another anew as people who have purpose and promise because there is a God in heaven who has made it so. Oh, and if you begin to realize that… I have more good news to tell, namely that the God who created us also paid the price to redeem us so that we could be all that we were meant to be in Him for each other. Life matters, All lives matter to the God who created and redeemed us. Let’s see what that view of others can do for the communities in which we live!