Word From the Center: Friday, March 9, 2018

Welcome to “Word from The Center” FRIDAY, a Two-Kingdom, practical reflection on the issues of the day from the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty. I’m Gregory Seltz. Today’s issue…

A Sad State of Affairs – Yet a Call to Serve!

People ask me a lot, “Why do we need to be in Washington D.C.?” And, one might argue that we don’t ultimately “have to.” But, then we would be leaving the hard work of defending our freedoms to be “public people of the Gospel” to other groups in the Christian community. And, as citizens who are Lutheran Christians, we know that God is at work in the world through the vocations of business, politics, law enforcement et al. (Not to “save or redeem” but to keep peace and order). And we are called to undergird that leadership, support it, and hold it accountable. Many in DC who are doing that good work have said to me over and over again, “Thank you LCMS, for being here with us.” They’ve talked about the authenticity and credibility of our voice in the issues of Life, Liberty, Marriage, and Education. In fact, we are fighting for this liberty because our culture gives us that responsibility as citizens too. But, the greater reason to is keep our service alive in the public square as people of God.

But, here’s a sad reality today. Did you know that there are people saying that just being a Christian “disqualifies” a person from holding any public office or doing public service because of our basic moral teachings? Did you also know that at least two Senators have claimed that just believing in Jesus as the only Savior of the world disqualifies a person from serving the in the public arena for the common good? Wow! See the article below concerning one of our own LCMS members.  Dr. Robert Weise, a distinguished LCMS seminary professor has been targeted for disqualification for public service “because he is a Christian.” When we push back on this, we are not asking for favored status in any way. We are calling for the same right as any other to be people who serve the common good. And for the Christian, this is a call to service faithful to the Scripture, motivated by the Gospel, motivated by our love for Jesus, and concerned even for those with whom we disagree. It’s a sad state-of-affairs today when biblical faith is seen as a disqualifier, but we are called to strive for service nonetheless. Please support those who seek to serve in various vocations in our communities in Christ’s name. Why? It’s a wonderful way that others will know we are Christians by our love, especially in our public service towards others. Say a prayer for Dr. Weiss!